About Us

We are Streetwear Specialists

Sublify Apparel, LLC by J. Torres, Owner/ Manufacturer

—clothing is a staple of our everyday wardrobe —
most likely because of how incredibly versatile and comfortable they are to wear.  Clothed in a “Sublify” shirt can make a HUGE statement.  A little background on our design story:
As the owner behind the company,
“Sublify Apparel,” I can tell you with pride that arriving at this point was quite a feat.  Sadly, I was the one who was told, that I would NEVER amount to anything because of the many “BAD” choices I have made along the way.  Those few insignificant, but hurtful words, became my motivation for the challenge that I have arrived at today.
Utilizing the word “Sublify” became our selection for the brand because it describes me, our business partners, and countless others, fittingly.  While it has the good vs evil, or
yin vs yang ring to it, changing our daily thoughts can and will manifest a different reality for us. Remembering to persevere, overcome obstacles, being loyal and flexible, responsible and most importantly positive, surely outweighs the insecurities and routines of life, immensely.
In life, I have always felt that things happen for a reason.  We may never know what the true reason is at the time, but there’s always a motive.  Personally, learning that failure often brings out new opportunities when you think about it, and when it doesn’t, you clearly create new ones.  Simply use every failure as a redirection and opportunity to grow.
When we started, “Sublify Apparel,” we set out to turn a hardship into a success.  You too have the ability to make a difference, one you’ll embrace forever, as we will going forward:  
Sublify- *Balance*